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Gamefowl for sale in tennessee

Gamefowl for sale in tennessee

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Standard old English game fowl chickens are said to be one of the oldest breeds of fowl and are noted for their gameness — their courage and indomitable spirit.

The male of the species is very territorial and will defend his ground against other invading roosters. It is recommended to keep the males separated after six months of age for this reason. The standard old English chicken breed is also an excellent choice for someone looking for a free range flock of poultry one male and 10 hens. Browse our selection of standard old English chicken breeds for sale to order yours today.

Entering a poultry show with non-dubbed males of the Old English breed is a disqualification. View as Grid List. Standard Old English game. Page: 1 2 Next.

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View Details. Take photos of your funniest chicken doing crazy stuff! Enter Photo Contest. Chickens : Feb - Sept. Bantams : Feb - Aug. Ducks : Feb - Jun. Geese : Mar-Jun. Turkey : Mar - Jul. Guinea : Jun - Aug. Chukar : May - Jul. Peafowl : Jun - Aug.

Pheasants : May - Aug.

gamefowl for sale in tennessee

Quail Eggs : April - Sept. Selected Layers : Feb - Oct. Hatching Eggs : Feb - Aug. Poultry Supplies : All Year. Click for Availability. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:. National Poultry Improvement Plan Participant Welcome to Oakridge Game Farm. We would like to thank everyone for visiting our website.

We are a Gamefowl and Poultry Community. We are proud to offer our Gamefowl Family with a Gamefowl Auction that is growing in great numbers. We will be happy to Special order any item we do not carry. We are Devoted to helping our Gamefowl and Poultry owners raise the best quality fowl they can raise. So it don't matter if you are a Gamefowl Breeder or a Feathered Fancier we have a place for you. Please join us as we fight for the right to own and raise these fine birds.

At this time we would like to Thank Pine Ranch for allowing us to purchase some of their wonderful brood stock to add to our breeding program.

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We have met a lot of great people in the game fowl industry, for some of which we have become good friends with. We wish you all the best of luck raising the fine birds that you all have. All fowl raised and sold by OakridgeGamefarm, and the use of this website, is not to be used in violation of any State or Federal laws.

Want to help keep our site free?JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These guinea breeds are known for their ability to be some of the best watch dogs for alerting and sounding off when unusual intruders of human or animals come into their territory or home turf. They are one of the best ways to get rid of ticks and unwanted bugs on your property and their meat is a delicacy in parts of the world.

We do not sex these keets when they are hatched out of their eggs and sell them as only not sexed guineas. We are a large guinea hatchery and hatch out thousands of guinea keets every week during May - August. Order today to reserve your baby keets this summer.

Best Quality Farm of Twisted Ridge Gamefowl

View as Grid List. Guinea fowl. Temporarily Out of stock. View Details. Take photos of your funniest chicken doing crazy stuff!

gamefowl for sale in tennessee

Enter Photo Contest. Chickens : Feb - Sept. Bantams : Feb - Aug. Ducks : Feb - Jun. Geese : Mar-Jun. Turkey : Mar - Jul.

Guinea : Jun - Aug. Chukar : May - Jul. Peafowl : Jun - Aug. Pheasants : May - Aug. Quail Eggs : April - Sept. Selected Layers : Feb - Oct. Hatching Eggs : Feb - Aug. Poultry Supplies : All Year.For Sale. Real Estate. Post an Ad. Search results for "gamefowl rooster" for sale in Tennessee. Date newest first Relevance Price lowest first Price highest first. I would like chickens that lay brown eggs like Game Chickens Whitwell,Tn. I have gamefowl for sale.

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What looks like chips in picture are intentional spots of All must go. Make an offer on all of them or buy just a few. Most are laying ChickensQuailand Pheasant Morristown I have several big stock chickens all are young. I have 3 of these punkin hulsey birds for each, they will be 2 yr old in march. They are very good birds. I also They will be big brown egg layers and if If you have any please call me I have several bb red bantys chicks hatched and ready for new homes 1. Good breed, just dont need them anymore.

The hen is pretty, and the rooster I have two 3 stall rest boxes for chickens you get both boxes for I also have a couple of mini asil roosters Dominique Chicks the checked looking ones in the picture I have some Dominique cross chicks for sale Pure Dominique Chicks I have about 6 pure bred Dominique chicks for sale Very pretty set features a toile design of a rooster, hen Cheap Chickens Cockerels pullets roosters hen We have lots of chickens for sale and are available this weekend.

We have mixed breed pairs, as well as a few none Baby Chicks! Chicks hatched on Feb 11th. These are the chickens that lay Blue Eggs.Pure Brood Fowl.

Dark Hatch. Blueface Hatch. Regular Grey. Pure Young Trios. Pure Mature Trios. Pure Brood Cocks. Pure Brood Stags. If you come to the farm and pick them, they are select!! This prices includes shipping box, you pay shipping charges. Chickens will be shipped through the post office. Email for text for shipping charges. Pure Rocky Top Kelso. Pure Rocky Top Kelso Cock. For more Kelso Cock Photos!! We have had this line of Kelso since Over the years, we have line bred them to have all of the things that are required to win consistently!

Varies from year to year. It depends on what cock you breed. If you breed a dark red, white legged cock. If you breed a light red, yellow legged cock. As far as quality, we have not found any difference in the leg color or.

It is just whatever color you prefer. Some come with a white streamer and a small amount of white. They come pea comb and straight comb.

Our Rocky Top Kelso come medium to high station. Their height and weight has increased over the last few years and I would consider. They have enough height to win at the. Poultry Shows.

gamefowl for sale in tennessee

These chickens are average size. Our cocks usually come between Their height and weight has increased over the last few years.A few of the breeds we offer are. Any attempt to solicit illegal acts from, through or by this web site may be reported to the proper law enforcement agency.

Any attempt to bait or lure anyone associated with this web site into an illicit act will be considered fraud and will result in immediate legal action including criminal and civil actions against the person, persons, or agency attempting to involve any person associated with this site into committing a crime or illicit act! As of this date it is illegal to fight gamecocks, bet on them in our state or sponsor events of the same.

Know your rights.

Search results for "gamefowl" for sale in Tennessee

Member of American Game Fowl Society. We offer historic and proven lines of the most durable and beautiful Gamecocks in the world. We sell domestically and can export to other countries You are responsible to know and obey the laws of your state or nation in regard to fowl and game fowl, their importation, use, and maintenance!

We can ship you game fowl to your local post office, overnight. We are located in South Carolina. Lacy Roundhead Stag.

This site is not related to any gaming, fighting or other illicit game fowl event, organization or persons.This is perhaps How to Crack Section 2 of IELTS Listening. October 22, 2016ufaber Section 2 is one of the easy parts in IELTS listening exam because in this section, you hear an audio which is a monologue where only one speaker is there to talk about every day social situation.

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Gamefowl for Sale

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